Intimate and Elegant Theatre Room Décor for Your Family Gathering

Brown Leather Sofa With Armchair And Side Tables Also Carpet And Arch Ceiling With Track Lighting And Pendant Lights And Throw Pillows For Theatre Room Décor

Built In Bookcase With Movie Screen And Cream Walls Also Ottoman Coffee Table With Sectional Sofa And Upholstered Armchairs Plus Wall Sconces With Beige Carpet For Theatre Room Décor

Fabric Ceiling With Crystal Chandelier And Banquette Also Red Carpet With Bar And Theatre Seating Plus Velvet Curtains With Wall Sconces And Movie Screen For Theatre Room Décor

Lucite Furniture With Unique Table Lamp And Modern Sofa Also Dark Wood Paneling For Wall With Wall Sconces And Movie Screen Plus Tray Ceiling For Theatre Room Décor

 Orange Curtains With Leather Lounge Chairs For Theatre Seat Also Ceiling Film Reel With Photography And Textured Wall Paneling Plus Wall Sconces For Theatre Room Décor

Sectional Sofas With Throw Pillows And Carpeting Also Side Tables And Best Gray Paint Colors For Theatre Room Décor Plus Recessed Lighting And Gray Curtains

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